Friday, October 19, 2012

CutieTots Shop + Bebengisms

Another giveaway from Bebengisms sponsored by Cutietots Shop! Hoping to win the bee romper Halloween set for my little boy. Good Luck!

Nanny Rose products giveaway from Bebengisms

I'm a big fan of blogs who give free stuffs. It's not that I can't afford but if all I have to do is join a simple raffle without submitting anything which will take a lot of time (and I can't because I'm a full-time breastfeeding mom) then I would gladly grab the chance. I've won a lot of things since (a Nokia N95,a director's chair, an M&M dispenser, a watch, and many more!) Maybe luck is on my side MOST of the time. But whether I win or not, the thrill of having to wait for the announcement of winners is something! So let me share this great blog by Bebengisms and together let's cross our fingers!