Thursday, August 29, 2013

Techie Mom + Dropbox

If you are like me who constantly transfer data, images, videos or music from your hand phone to your laptop/computer, then Dropbox is the answer. 

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Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!**
I downloaded the software on my laptop a week ago and I am loving it. I don't need my USB cable to connect my phone to my laptop. I know you might be thinking that I can connect through Bluetooth or WI-FI but have you tried sending bigger files? It takes precious TIME!

Now, everytime I want to send something to my phone, I just drag a file to my Dropbox folder. It automatically uploads it online and my phone (which has internet connection of course) downloads the file. Then I have a copy on my laptop, online and on my hand phone. How cool is that? And I did just one thing, DRAG.

Dropbox basically gives its free user 2GB of space. You can earn more space by completing some task like taking the Dropbox tour (which you need to understand how it works), install Dropbox on your mobile phone, invite friends to join and more! I now have 2.25 GB of space.
Dropbox makes sharing easy. Invite your friends, family, and teammates to any folder in your Dropbox, and it'll be as if you saved that folder straight to their computer.
You can send people links to specific files, photos, and folders in your Dropbox, too. This makes Dropbox perfect for team projects, sharing party photos with friends, or recording your band's debut album.**

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Discovering New Things

Jaden and I started our second batch of Parent-Child Program two Saturdays ago. The first one was a very good experience and he bonded well with his "playmates".

His favorite activity

Above photos are taken by a friend, Tita Megs

The photo was taken by the mother of the little lady wearing a blue shawl :) They were role playing and they have this colorful shawl to distinguish their character.

When we got back for the second batch, he was very excited and so was I. I was excited for him to meet new faces but I think I was expecting some reaction from him as well. There are four of them in the first batch and he was the only boy. He was so used to being with the other three that he enjoys being with them. When we got back two Saturdays ago, of the three girls, only one was left. Now we have four new faces. Usually, whenever we arrive at school, he would go on his own and play with the sandbox immediately. After seeing the new faces, he stopped and he just stands there observing everyone else. I have to set the mood for him. I pointed out his new playmates and gave him his shovel and bucket.

I guess he was adapting to the new friends. Now there are three boys and three girls in his class. After two Saturdays, he is starting to love his new playmates and get used to the atmosphere as well of having two more running around, sharing the toys and everything.

Photo credits to Tita Jorv, the founder of the school. You can visit her blog HERE :)
I guess I could say this is a welcome change. I want him to experience new things and be able to adapt to different kind of people. He may not be able to adapt immediately at least I know that he knows when changes occur. I think it is a good thing to make them experience change and stir them away from their routines once and a while, they discover new things and you learn new things from them as well :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I am Back!

After being inactive for 2 months, I have found the time to blog again. I just can't stop writing things and sharing to people my wonderful child and my family. I am quite busy these days because I am a full-time mom. I am doing an online job as well which is quite hard but it gets a little bit easier when you get used to it.

Jaden's 2nd birthday will be this coming October and I am planning a children's party for him. And because he is obsessed with cars, we will be having a Disney Cars theme party with his favorite characters.

I am searching online for some DIY and party ideas and I found some great ones. I will share them too soon.

I found some really good blogs worth following and I will share some of them here. I haven't read a new book for a while because I am re-reading Games of Thrones (I know, I know, what am I thinking?) and I am on the second book now A Clash Of Kings.

I will publish another post after I have put the little one to sleep and put away all his toys. A mom's life, tiring yet satisfying :)

Worth it all.