Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

The holy week is over. What did you do the whole week? Me? I chose not to go anywhere and to stay in the house. I asked my husband if he wanted to go swimming on Easter Sunday and he said yes. We chose to swim in the same resort where we used to swim when we were still dating.

It was a 45 minutes drive from our place. We planned to go early but we left the house at 9! Jaden donned his cute outfit.

Unfortunately, he threw up some of his breakfast in the car :(

It was very crowded when we got there, mostly kids because they held an Easter Egg hunt. The resort has three (3) pools. One small round pool for babies, one for children with three slides (small, medium and zigzag) and one for adults. In normal days, the place has a few tables under large umbrellas but because it is Easter Sunday they added large tables and a lot of chairs.

After changing to my own swimwear, I tried to swim with Jaden in the baby pool but he was shivering because the water is quite cold and the weather is cloudy so I decided to wait for a while. We ordered a light lunch, sandwiches and fruit shakes. Jaden had his wafer and apple juice. The sun came up and I decided to try the pool with slides because it is so much bigger. There was a program going on and I get to divert Jaden's attention. After a few minutes he was dancing with the music (Gangnam Style) along with other kids. I don't get to take a lot of pictures because my phone is not waterproof and I was carrying him the whole time.

After 30 minutes I showered him and I decided to change as well. While I was changing, they were having a little photoshoot.

We decided to buy some groceries before heading home. We paid our bills in the counter but I was pissed off by how long I've waited. I know there are a lot of customers but they should have been more considerate. It wouldn't take years to check my bill and give my change. Because it is Easter, I decided to let it pass.

The little boy zonked out in the car. We bought his favorite nuggets and fruit juices. He loves yogurt and biscuits as well. We went home after.

I love swimming but I cannot stay in the pool for hours with Jaden because he might catch a cold. We will swim more often so he'll get use to pool water temperature.

It was a good day for everyone, the Lord has risen!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Let Them Be Little

Am I a strict mom? I have no idea where to draw the line between being a cool mom and a strict one. My son is only 17 months but I have established a good sleeping and eating routine for him. Those two are very important to save you the headache someday. But aside from those two things, I am as cool as can be. I'm cool yet careful. I let him be.

Never stop your child so he'll learn to be independent. Just make sure you are there for him, ALWAYS.

Let him explore things, as long as it is safe for him.

Let him roll on the floor, as long as you clean him up after.

Let him feed himself, just make sure he's not playing with his food.

Let him touch things, eat what he wants and play where he desires.

I know it is a bit messy but what is a little mess compared to your child's giggles? My heart melts whenever I see those sparkles in my son's eyes every time I let him do something he really, really wants.

He does this cute little shake-dance thing when he sees me putting a little scoop of ice cream in his own cup.

Aside from play, I make sure we read or draw at least 30 minutes a day and before going to bed. I see some kids nowadays burdened with too much school work that they don't get to appreciate being young. A smart kid is good but a smart and a happy kid is better.

There is no perfect parent, we can only do our best for our kids. Never compare your child to other children because he/she is unique in their own ways. Guide them, protect them, love them but for now let them be little.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Building a Routine for You and Your Baby

One of the things I have learned from being a full time mom is the fact that babies who sleep better are healthier and happier. While I was pregnant, I have already prepared my self for sleepless nights. After giving birth, I slept 3-5 hours a night. I know I have to do something to make my son adjust his sleeping habits. In the womb, he sleeps all day and kick the night away.

So when he was a month old, I developed a routine for the baby and I made sure that I stuck to it.

My little one usually wakes up at 5 - 6 AM so I give him his bath every 8 AM. After his bath, he sleeps again. I'm breastfeeding him so it is easier for him to fall asleep. I give him his afternoon bath at around 5 PM. I make sure that he's in bed by 6 - 7 PM until morning.

Sometimes it would take me an hour to lull him to sleep, sometimes 5 minutes will do. No matter what, I ALWAYS make him sleep by 7. It was hard at first but eventually he got used to it. Now he is 1 year and 5 months, every night around 7 PM he would ask for "mommy" and I know he is ready to sleep by then.

What is good by building a routine is that the child adapts to it and it will make your life a whole lot easier. By 8 PM I could sit in front of my laptop and blog, I could have my after dinner snacks (a privilege of a breastfeeding mom), I could read a few chapters of my current book or I could sleep early :)

I'm quite proud that my son sleeps early and he doesn't wake me up in the middle of the night except when he needs to nurse. I wanted him to keep this routine so when he starts going to school a year from now it won't be hard for me to make him sleep early so he could wake up early.

It might be hard to build this kind of routine but I tell you, it pays off in the end.

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Facebook Games

Ever since I started using Facebook, I have been hooked to its games. I remember Farmville, Pet Society and Mafia Wars. Only a handful of my friends are playing and not as eager as I am. I was so desperate to level up in my games that I sent friend requests to people who plays the same games that I do.

And just like any other game, when you've reached the top the excitement starts to vanish. Then Cityville came. I stopped playing the first three, deleted the friends I invited on impulse and concentrated on this one. School was on its busiest so I decided to slow down and eventually lost my desire to continue.

Only last year, Chefville and Farmville 2 launched and because of the hype, I joined the ride. It was my only way of relaxation after a full day of taking care of my 1 year old. I loved the game but only a few of my friends played the game so I got left behind and I lost my interest all in all.

Now I found a game that could keep me up all night if not for the limited life, CANDY CRUSH SAGA!

This game is craaaaazy! A game of strategy and LOTS and LOTS of luck. I started weeks ago and now I am hooked. What's best about this game is that it has a mobile application that I can synchronize with my Facebook. I don't need to stay in front of the computer that much.

What's the catch? You could get stuck in a certain level for days and in my case, I'm on my first week with my current level, 79. I swear it looks so easy but it seems luck is avoiding me lately.

I try to establish some self control by not sending request for lives. I just let my 5 lives replenish on its own. But I cannot say the same with my other friends, they send me requests very often!

I hope I don't get stuck here for too long or I might quit...again.

Happy Gaming!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Inside the Make-up Pouch

In my last post I put up a picture of my make-up "collection", if you could call it that. Unlike any other make-up lovers, I don't change mine until my mom tells me so. LOL I know. If it were up to me, lip balm and a light lipstick will do but my mom will not be at peace until she sees me as a grown woman wearing make-up. Don't get the wrong idea, I love dressing up but I don't have the patience (or the idea) to wear make-up every time I go out. Sometimes I even forget to wear perfume which leads me to bringing a small one in my bag, in case :)

So here's my make-up collection and that is it, nothing more.

I know it's not much but I love it as it is. I have yet to wait for the day when someone comes into my life and make me see sense and show me that having a lot of these is as satisfying as reading a book or eating sushi.

This is Pure Fresh Oil-Control Pressed Powder with SPF 20 from SILKYGIRL, a brand from Singapore. It is shine-free, fragrance free and has a matte finish. It is specially formulated for Asian skin.

My Shimmer Duo Blusher is also from SILKYGIRL. I have it in Blushing Pink. What is really nice about this is the one on the left side is matte and on the right it's shimmery. Those two is a good blend. It has an under compartment with a cute brush so it's really handy. It's also oil-free and fragrance free.

Inside the Bag

My problem whenever we go out (me, hubby and Jaden) is how big a mess is the inside of my bag! My husband is always giving me "the killer looks" whenever I ask him to get me a wet wipes or something and he wiggles his hand inside and he can't find it. Sometimes it's because my bag is messy but sometimes he's just too lazy ;)

So after getting tired of rearranging my bag for the Nth time, I started to use these pouches.

These are very handy and occupies a small space in my bag.

I put my make up in one of these and loose items like hair clips on the other one. If you're curious as to what make up I use, don't be disappointed, I'm a late bloomer. Give me the basic and that will do. I just can't live without my lip balm and a lipstick for a little color.

For the complete list and details, read my next post.
I also bought this cute wallet/pouch where I can put my money, cards, coins and also my mobile phone. TADA!

I bought this on an online shop in Facebook

Now the extra diaper, wet wipes, extra T-shirt and towels are folded under. It made a lot of difference, well, at least to me. My husband still can't find anything I ask him too which proves me right, he's kinda lazy :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Alex Cross, Run by James Patterson

I can't resist an Alex Cross novel when I see one so I stayed up all night just to finish this book in two days.

Alex Cross, Run is the twentieth installment of the Alex Cross series. Imagine that! This is the longest series I have ever read. How I wish Harry Potter and Twilight is this long, haha.

As usual after reading, James Patterson did not disappoint me. Looking back on my last few chapter, I thought, where's the twist? Then it came whooping in my face!

This is one of those book that will make you want more after reading. I hope he writes 20 more of this and blow my mind away!

Here's a synopsis:


Top plastic surgeon Elijah Creem is renowned for his skills in the operating room, and for his wild, no-expense-spared "industry parties," bringing in underage exotic dancers and models for nights of drugs, champagne, and uninhibited sex. That is, until Detective Alex Cross busts one of Creem's lavish soirees and ruins his fun. Now Creem is willing to do anything to avoid going to jail.


But Alex doesn't have time to dwell on that case. A beautiful woman has been found murdered in her car, a lock of her hair viciously ripped off. Then a second woman is found hanging from a sixth-floor window with a brutal scar slashed across her stomach. When a third mutilated body is discovered, rumors of three serial killers on the loose send Washington D.C. into an all-out frenzy.


Alex is under so much pressure to solve these three grim cases that he hasn't noticed that someone else investigating him-someone so obsessed and so twisted that they'll do anything-ANYTHING- to get the vengeance they require. Alex Cross, Run is James Patterson's most unrelenting story yet-a white-hot, sensational thrill ride with the most extreme and gripping characters Patterson has ever brought to life.


I'm a proud breastfeeding mom. My son is 1 year and 5 months now and I'm still breastfeeding him. Some people may raise eyebrows but I am proud of it. I believe it is one of those right decisions I made as a new mom. I may not be good in all things concerning my child but this decision helped me realize that this is the way it should be.

What if I stopped trying after a few days because my child is refusing to breastfeed? What if I stopped after a few weeks because my back is killing me and my operation wounds are still hurting? What if I stopped after a few months because taking care of a newborn and breastfeeding can drain your energy?

I would never know the answers to those because I refused to stop. The outcome? My child is healthy as a horse, always laughing and bouncing around the house. Through breastfeeding, I get to have this special bond with my son. I would look at him while his nursing and he would look up at me and smile. Now he knows how to communicate so he touches my face or he would say "mommy".

I guess I was blessed because I get to have enough milk to breastfeed him while others kept on trying but failed to for some reason. There is no need to feel guilty if you can't breastfeed your child because of low milk supply or because he won't accept your milk or just because you have to go back to work to support the family.

If you really plan on breastfeeding your baby after birth, you have to start working on it while pregnant. So here are a few of the thing I did and I hope it will help you somehow.

  • Eat healthy and drink plenty. I know that while pregnant we have to watch out for our weight but it doesn't mean we cannot eat what we want. Eat lots of veggies and drink plenty of water. Have a glass or two of milk, I used to drink Anmum. I don't like water very much but I take sips every now and then to compensate.
  • Read books on breastfeeding. Aside from the tips and tricks, you will also learn a lot from other moms. Their disappointments and persistence to breastfeed, this will let you know that you are not the only one who goes through these. It's just a matter of mindset.
  • Take supplements given by your OB. I know some of us tend to forget to drink our daily vitamins, me especially. But when I got pregnant, I make it a point to remind myself. I save alarms on my phone and I write it on post-its where I can see it.

After giving birth, don't expect your milk to flow instantly. For me, it took 3 days. If you need to go back to work but really wants to breastfeed, pump your milk before going to work so the baby could drink those later on and breastfeed him/her at night or after work. Some are frustrated especially when their milk stops 2 to 3 months after. Just a few tips that might work for you as well.

  • Breastfeed your baby as often as he/she wants. If your baby sleeps for more than 2-3 hours, you could pump.
  • Eat whenever you are hungry. Feeling hungry is a signal that your body needs food and liquid to produce more milk so don't hesitate to eat every time you feel hungry. Try to drink water after nursing your baby. Newborns can nurse for a long time so you could chew on some biscuits if you want.
  • Relax. Having a baby is very stressful so every time your baby is asleep, take a nap or just lie down for 30 minutes before doing things that you need to do.
Don't force yourself if you can't breastfeed, not everyone can. Remember that if you really want to breastfeed, you can make it work. Look at your baby and you'll have all the strength you need :)

Dandruff problem SOLVED!

Last quarter of 2009, I went to Manila for 6 months to do my on-the-job training. I stayed with my Tita and Tito in Cavite with their 3 cute boys. My job was very tiring and it starts at 8 in the morning until 5 but because we were rushing the reports, I usually go home at 9 or 10 in the evening, sometimes even midnight.

My life there in Manila was a blur. Work, work, work and more work. I have no time to go shopping, nor to buy my own groceries. I give my Tito money for my monthly groceries and he buys everything I need including my shampoo. I never had any problem with my hair so I use whatever shampoo they uses. After a few months, I noticed that my scalp are drying up. Either my hair's not compatible with the shampoo or Manila is just way too hot compared to my hometown.

I didn't get to address the issue until I was done with my OJT and boy, was it worse!!! I tried all kinds of anti-dandruff shampoo for a few months but nothing worked for me. My scalp itched and white particles "dandruff" are appearing after brushing my wet hair.

I tried the old-days method. I rubbed kalamansi or lime onto my scalp, let it rest for 30 minutes then I rinse it off with an anti-dandruff shampoo. No improvement! Plus I don't like the smell. After the lime, I tried coconut oil and still no improvement. Worse, my hair smells like day old coconut.

I went to the salon to the salon and tried their hair spa which according to them helps treat dandruff. My scalp was feeling cool and my hair was lighter but after a few days, I noticed the dandruff is back!

I stopped using any conditioner and I rinse immediately after shampoo. I noticed, my scalp feels better when the the weather is colder, so it must have something to do with it.

After all the trial and error methods, I stopped trying until last month when we visited my mom in Singapore. Two days before going back to the Philippines, we bought pasalubongs for the family back home and I saw this miracle:

I did not get my hopes up, I bought one and tried it out, after 2 washes, I saw the difference. No more dandruff particles after brushing my wet hair.

Garnier Neril is a hair treatment shampoo for dandruff. It should be used at least 3-5 a week after using your regular shampoo. I bought this for $5 something. The only sad news is I don't find it here in the Philippines. So I just have to ask my mom to send me some :) If you have a pressing dandruff problem and you know anyone who can buy this for you, try it out. I'm not saying the result may be the same but when you have tried everything and all else failed, try Garnier Neril.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

12th of Never by James Patterson

I'm one of James Patterson's greatest fan. I have always admired how the endings are so unpredictable. He plays with your mind. I read all his novels and series as soon as they are out in bookstores. My personal favorites are Maximum Ride, Alex Cross and The Women's Murder Club series. Those three series are so diverse and you won't feel that a single author wrote them. Maximum Ride is a science-fiction while Alex Cross and WMC series are both thrillers written from a man and a woman's perspective.

I recently finished reading the latest installment of the Women's Murder Club and I think it was one of his best in the series.

It's finally time! Detective Lindsay Boxer is in labor—while two killers are on the loose. 

Lindsay Boxer's beautiful baby is born! But after only a week at home with her new daughter, Lindsay is forced to return to work to face two of the biggest cases of her career. 

A rising star football player for the San Francisco 49ers is the prime suspect in a grisly murder. At the same time, Lindsay is confronted with the strangest story she's ever heard: An eccentric English professor has been having vivid nightmares about a violent murder and he's convinced is real. Lindsay doesn't believe him, but then a shooting is called in—and it fits the professor's description to the last detail.

Lindsay doesn't have much time to stop a terrifying future from unfolding. But all the crimes in the world seem like nothing when Lindsay is suddenly faced with the possibility of the most devastating loss of her life.

There was a lot of things going on and I could not believe when I am nearing the end.

The Women's Murder Club is a group of four women: Lindsay - a police officer, Yuki - assistant DA, Claire - chief medical examiner and Cindy - journalist. It's amazing how four women from different careers met and solve murders together. There personal lives are so intriguing too!

Alex Cross had his second film and I was hoping that maybe this year, the girls will have a movie of their own too.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Summer Heat

Summer is here in the Philippines! You know it's summer when you can't wear something longer than a shorts or you'll be sweating all over. It is this time of the year when electric bills are rocketing! Electric fans are no longer enough to beat the heat, air conditioning are turned on almost all day and night. AND babies are fussier this time of the year.

My little boy could not sleep if the A/C is turned off. I have to wipe him off with a wet towel, powder his back and change his clothes so he could sleep better.

Not only babies are fussier but the adults as well! You don't feel like moving and cleaning when you're sticky and sweaty all over.

Here are some tips to beat the summer heat:

Drinks LOTS of water to keep you hydrated.

Wear loose clothing. Bright colors will make you feel cooler.
Use a sun hat when going out to provide some shade to your face.

Take cool baths and showers.

Don't forget to apply sunscreens if you are going out for a walk.

If you're the beach type, it's the best time to get that sun-kissed skin. Remember, spending too much time under the sun is also bad. Some negative effects are heat exhaustion, heat stroke and sunburn.

Be sun-kissed, be safe :)

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Online Shopping

When I was still single, I love shopping for hours and hours. I guess, almost all girls does. I would find something I like but I will not purchase it yet. I will check on every stores on the mall, I don't want to buy and regret if I saw something nicer or cheaper afterwards. I could shop and walk the whole day. All of that changed when I gave birth to my little boy. I could not/would not leave him for more than 3 hours. I worry every minute that I am not with him. So shopping has lost its glamour, to me at least. Until I discovered online shopping, tada!

I have friends in Facebook who posted products that they are selling, and if I find something nice especially for my son, I could not resist. That's when I realize, I miss shopping.

At first I was hesitant to put an order, what with all the scams going around the internet nowadays. I don't want to waste my husband's hard-earned money. So what I did was I check out the seller, I read feedbacks and comments. My first order was a 3 set of pants for my little one and because the seller is within my city, I met up with her and got my order. After that, I browsed for more.

Being a stay-at-home mom has its ups and downs. My time is limited so I think online shopping works for me. I don't have to go out and spend time searching for something. Those precious time, I prefer to spend with my son.

Some sellers have the same products but with different price. Check out their location, the pricey ones might be near you so you don't have to add for shipping fee. Just be careful with whom you deal with. Some are scams and you might be discouraged. Remember, there are a lot of honest people trying to find ways to make a living. 

Happy shopping moms!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Game of Thrones, Season 3

Who's excited for this? Been waiting since last year and now we have only days to count.

The third season of the epic fantasy drama television series Game of Thrones will premiere in the United States and Canada on March 31, 2013 on HBO.[1] The season will premiere internationally on April 1 in the United Kingdom on Sky Atlantic[2] and in the Netherlands on HBO Netherlands.[3] Like the other seasons, the third season will consist of ten episodes. The season is based roughly on the first half of A Storm of Swords, the third of the A Song of Ice and Fire novels by George R. R. Martin, of which the series is an adaptation.[4] HBO renewed the series for a third season on April 10, 2012, nine days after the second season's premiere and production began in July 2012.

I've been checking online for trailers ever since. My heart stopped when I saw this.

"There's a beast in every man and it stirs when you put a sword in his hand."

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Legoland Malaysia

I wanted to bring Jaden somewhere fun and aside from Universal Studios and Escape theme park I can't think of anywhere else appropriate for his age. After our Sunday Mass, I personally requested that we have lunch at KFC, I was craving :) After purchasing $13 worth of food, I was given 2 vouchers by the cashier. The vouchers was for a 30% discount on entrance tickets for Legoland Malaysia!

I have no idea that there is a Legoland in Malaysia so I did a little research after and found out that it opened last September 2012. It is located in Nusajaya, Johor which is near the border of Malaysia to Singapore. Tickets are priced at RM 140 or around SG $56 for adults and RM 110 or SG $44 for children. We are not familiar with Malaysia and commuting is a no-no since we have Jaden with us and we brought his stroller. I searched online and found a travel agency offering Coach ride + Entrance Ticket package and we took it. The downside is we cannot use our vouchers but convenience is better :)

Mom invited two of her friends to come with us. We left early and brought extra clothes and snacks for Jaden. The coach will pick us up at the Singapore Flyer and we arrived 30 minutes ahead of schedule. They gave us our entrance tickets before boarding.

On the coach to Legoland
Including the two Immigration stops, we reached Legoland an hour after.

The place is so crowded we cannot get a crowd-free picture with the sign
Look at the queue for tickets
We had an early lunch at KFC
Before eating I used the restroom and there is quite a line and the place does not smell so good. Tissue papers are everywhere and the floor is wet. It is located outside and everyone uses it so they really need to have it cleaned every 30 minutes.
Ticket Entrance
Lego in front of the restrooms
Jaden was so scared of the toilet man
And still

We visited the Lego City first. They made legos of some of the countries in Asia.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Petronas Tower


Taj Mahal, India

We checked out some rides though we didn't get to experience any because 1. Jaden is not allowed 2. They're pretty scary 3. I'm scared

Boating is nice but the queue!!!
They have this train ride riding around so we queued up. The line is long but the train could take around 30 passengers per ride and they have two trains :)

They have 3 different playgrounds located around Legoland. Jaden had the time of his life!

Game face ON!

I brought him to one of the fountains so he could play and get wet before changing.

Then we went to the Legoland souvenir shop to buy him a Legoland shirt.

We watched the fireworks before going back to Singapore :)

It was a great day. We had fun and lots of photos. I'm really glad Jaden enjoyed it as much as we did :)