Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Rain is Back!

You know what's good with the rain? The world feels like a cooler place to live in with more mosquitoes and a not so nice humid smell. The best thing about June is that the rainy season is starting and the 3-month long agony of the summer heat, which is way hotter than usual, is over!!!

My little one loves the rain, maybe because it's just another form of water. He loves taking a shower (with hot water) and he loves seeing little puddles on the street. I know all children do but I love how fascinated he is! He is currently obsessed with water animals.

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Every night he would ask me to tell him a story about an octopus and some of his water animal friends. I would wiggle my fingers and he will giggle like crazy.

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Crabs are on the top of the list too! The other day we had steamed crabs for lunch and it was his first time to see a real one. He enjoyed eating while holding one of the big pincers the whole time.

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The little one is really amused with the starfish. He knows the star-shape and everytime he would see a star he would say starfish right away. Oh oh.

Going back to the mosquito, ha-ha! I know you think I'm too petty but I hate them so much. I always get mosquito bites whenever it's raining, they say it's because I have a sweet blood, unfortunately my son does too. I really don't mind the bites, it's Dengue I don't want. We can't be too careful so I always make sure he has a mosquito patch whenever he is out of the room.

Cold and wet days are here! Hooray!