Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Party with Disney Cars

Six months before Jaden's birthday, I have already decided that we will be having a Disney Cars party. He loves cars (addicted to anything with wheels actually) and he adores Lightning McQueen. I wanted to try some DIY so I searched online and I found some really nice printables, I just added Jaden's name or edited some.

For the invitation I just used the keywords "Free Disney Cars Invitation Template" and I found some really good ones. These are my Top 2 but I decided to choose the first one which includes Tow Mater.


I asked my younger brother to add Jaden's photo because I have tried and tried but it doesn't look as flawless as it should be. And here is what he sent back to me:

His birth date is the 23rd but I moved the date to a Saturday.
I bought photopapers and printed this on my own. Voila! I saved a lot of money.

I don't plan on spending much because we are having a Church Wedding end of the year so I tried to find something affordable for the 25 kids who are coming.

Disney Cars tumblers
I ordered this cute tumblers online and I filled them with candies. See those loot bags at the back? The tumblers are appropriate for toddlers only so I had to buy those loot bags and filled them with pencils, coloring books, toy cars and candies for the ones who are big enough for the tumbler.

The "Thank You for Coming" tags I put on the tumblers I also found online.

It is a simple party after all so I asked my brother (again) to make a layout for a tarpaulin that I can hang  and show off at the party. LOL I chose my favorite photo of Jaden since he turned one and this is what he sent me.

He's a very good artist right? I mean my brother :)

I bought some Disney Cars Mylar balloons as decoration and the Happy Birthday Banner above is from  Toy Kingdom.

I also found a Disney Cars Sticker printables which I used to seal my invitations. I printed them on a sticker paper and it was very cheap! Get the LINK HERE!

P.S. I used the same printables as cupcake toppers. I printed those in photo papers instead. Unique than the usual round toppers. :)
Cute, right?

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