Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A First Time for Everything

October started out fine and happy and I am glad to say it will end fine and happy as well. October 5, we went to my niece's Christening and 1st birthday party. I am one of the godmothers and Jaden had a blast. It was hosted by McDonald's though the venue is in a resort called "Villa Rosa by the Beach". It was not a pool party since the only pool they have is for adults and the weather was so hot that I don't want to risk Jaden getting sun burned. And of course, I took a lot of photos. Here are some :)

Miraculous Medal Parish after the Christening Ceremony

He was having so much fun!

The only pool they have on the background

He won't take a selfie with me. Ha ha!

Because he wants a SOLO :)
The celebrant (Gian Keilah), her mom (my first cousin) and dad.

One of Ronald's friend, BIRDIE, came to entertain (scare some?) the kids

Of course, a family portrait!
Jaden wouldn't stop talking about BIRDIE for days that I put up a sticker of Ronald McDonald's gang on his dresser. He was so happy about it.

Three days later he woke up with a bad cough, no runny nose. He was coughing up some phlegm and after his night bath, I tried taking his temperature and it was 37.4C which is a warning sign that he might have a hotter temperature later in the evening and I was not wrong. His temp was 39.5C by midnight and he was constantly having fits of very, very dry itchy cough. I tried giving him paracetamol but he was puking everything minutes after taking it, including his dinner.

You have to know that in his almost 2 years of existence, I have never before encountered something worse than a flu. So I am very worried and texted his pedia very early the next morning to set up an appointment. I was expecting she'll give us some prescription medicine and we'll be on our way to the mall to enjoy the rest of the day but I was shocked when she advised me to take Jaden to the hospital!

And because she knows things better than me, I agreed though I have a choice not to take him to the hospital. The catch? I have to sign an AMA, against medical advise. If something happens to my child because I did not follow our doctor's order, she has nothing to do with it. I wasn't about to disobey a doctor's order, especially when it is my son's pedia. I know what he has needs to be treated by professionals since his body is not taking in any solid food or medicine anymore and looking back, I am so glad I did.

We took him to Iloilo Doctor's Hospital and we waited in the Emergency Room since the pedia ward and every private room were full. We waited there for 7 hours. They injected him his IV and he was given antibiotics and paracetamol for the fever, all injectables so he wouldn't puke. He doesn't want to be put down and he was crying whenever he sees someone wearing all white. He keeps asking me to nurse him (He is breastfed by the way) and he would sleep that way until someone injects him with something again then he would cry because we have no proper sleep the night before.

It went on until the next day, I can't even go to the toilet!!! Whenever I do he would cry so hard that I have to do everything very fast. His dad was at work and decided to go home the next day. I was so thankful when he arrived because he was the only person Jaden wants to be with aside from me. He still cries when I leave for a minute but his dad knows how to distract him. My body was aching all over from all the carrying and sleeping positions we had.

Our pedia came and told us his X-ray shows consistency with pneumonia so we were given oral antibiotics for him to take. The first three tries we have to hold him down and force him to drink it because he won't open his mouth. He doesn't take medications very often aside from his everyday vitamins so I know how hard it would be given that the medicine has a very bitter after taste. It took us two days to make him finally swallow it and make it stay in his tummy.

After taking the oral medications he felt and slept better. We transferred to a private room when the staff informed us they have some vacant room. I was so glad because Jaden (and me as well) really need some more space and a quite room to rest. We stayed at the hospital for 5 days and I am so glad it was over. But of course I have to take some picture of our stay there. Watch out for some cuteness!

At the pediaward

Red due to high fever but still cute!

His name tag

Selfie with Daddy

And of course with Mommy straight from the shower

He has a love-hate relationship with the nebulizer

Took a picture while waiting for his pedia to discharge us

"Selfie". He took this one, LOL

 As soon as we went home, it was back to planning for his 2nd birthday party which I am going to post later! Thank God my healthy baby is back!