Sunday, July 19, 2015

Korean Drama: Healer

I have seen quite a few Korean dramas and most of them are romantic dramas. I think the love stories are always interesting though some of them are very predictable - it's the couple that I am looking forward to. One of the most recent I have watched is Healer. 

It's a 20-episode drama with action and romance. I love the plot and how straightforward it is. I am in love with Healer's mysterious persona and with the actor himself - Ji Chang Wook.
Not to mention the killer OST used in the drama, Michael Learns To Rock's Eternal Love. (Watch but don't blame me if you drown from too much feels!!!)

There are so many things to love about Healer but what I love the most is the couple - Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook.

I rarely see this amount of chemistry between two couples - either in our local TV series, Korean series or US TV series. The chemistry is overflowing and I won't be surprised if they are really comfortable with each other in real life.

I recommend this series and I'm giving it 10/10. No boring episode, everything is smoothly flowing and the scenes are just beautiful executed. Something that I also like about this is that no third part, second lead trying to ruin everything. This is the first Korean drama that I downloaded every episode since I know I may want to watch it again...soon!

P.S. I am now officially a Ji Chang Wook fan!