Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Beautiful Faces from the Game of Thrones

I read all five books and I'm hanging on every episode of their Third Season, I AM A HUGE FAN. To read the book is one thing because you can use your imagination, you could visualize a certain person or place the way you imagine it. After seeing the First Season, I couldn't help but read with the aid of the faces of the artists who played the roles and I guess it helps a lot especially if you're already trying hard to keep track of the map of the Seven Kingdoms, the almost-the-same-name in a House and the unending descriptions of House Sigils. After seeing the first two episodes of the current season, I can't help but appreciate some characters' beauty more than usual. I don't mean the characters in the book but the faces of the actors. Here are the top on my list.

Margaery Tyrell played by Natalie Dormer.

Image Source: gameofthrones.wikia.com

Image Source: tvforbreakfast

Daenerys Targaryen played by Emilia Clarke.

Image Source: onsecrethunt

Image Source: 1ms

Missandei played by Nathalie Emmanuel.

Image Source: pandawhale

Image Source: gameofthrone.wikia.com

They're gorgeous, right? Who is your favorite?