Friday, May 31, 2013

Here For You...Forever

I have always believed in the saying “Our children need our presence more than our presents” though both would be great J I grew up without my mom because she has to leave the country for work. My dad was there but never really there, you know what I mean. Life was hard growing up without the only person you know you could turn to but because of my youth then, I did not mind being with my Grandma and Grandpa. I remember having school programs and I would see other girls’ moms doing their make-up and fixing their costumes. My grandma did all of that for me, something I am grateful up to now, but as a child I can’t help but wish my mom could do those things for me. Nothing beats a mom’s care and I am one lonely child craving for it. Those things helped me realize that if ever I am going to be a mom someday, I would never leave my child unless I really have to.

After knowing I am pregnant, I promised myself that I would be there for my little one no matter what. I will make it a point to put him first before anything else, even my own self. You never really know what love is until you hold your future in your own arms, heard his laughter, felt his fears and anxiety. Motherhood becomes me. I remember being so excited for my ultrasound so I could see his gender, but I know in my heart I was carrying a little prince. I was very happy when I found out it was a boy, I have always wanted a baby boy. I could see him holding my hands when I get old and frail enough to walk alone.

My favorite days are when my husband is at home. We could spend the day at home or we could plan to go out and have a little fun. Those days would be the most tiring yet fulfilling. Nothing can compare to the joy my son feels whenever he rides a car, take a turn at the carousel, play an hour at the playhouse. He loves running around the mall while Daddy and I are running after him, mostly taking pictures.

Last Saturday we went out and Jaden had so much fun!

Annoying "selfies"

He's very talkative now!

I don't want a picture!

At Dave's Playhouse

He loves to climb

Posing for Daddy
Time is not something you can buy to be back at a certain moment. They are only young once, spend more time with them. Time flies, your little one is going to spread his wings someday and he might not need you as much by then :)