Tuesday, May 21, 2013

SAHMs Can Work

Photo Credit: inspiredworkingmoms

Gone were the days when women are just mere home makers. Don't get me wrong. I know how hard it is to take care of a child, clean your place, serve your husband and to find some time for yourself. Most moms nowadays are working moms which I think is harder. They spend 8 hours or more in the workplace, away from their kids and when they get home they still have to do everything (unless you can afford a help). Being a SAHM has its pros and cons. You get to watch your child grow, you get to take care of him, play with him and record his every milestone. But as they grow older, expenses piled a little higher and you think of going back to work to help your partner. How you wish you could earn while staying at home, huh? 50 years ago that would have been IMPOSSIBLE unless you have your own business at home. Now, a lot of SAHMs are opting for online jobs or stay at home jobs. I searched online and I could see a wide range of possibilities. Besides, moms are the bestest when it comes to multitasking, agree?

There are a lot of ways you could earn just by using your computer and internet connection. No need to pay for anything. 95% of the time, online opportunities who require payment are a SCAM. They will rip you off of your hard earned pennies. Don't pay unless you are sure the site or program you are joining is legit. Online sites that promise fast, mind-blowing amount of cash is MOST PROBABLY a scam. If that were true, everyone would be wealthy and living the life :)

So, how can you earn online?

First, every online job requires an email address so it's best to secure one from Google, Hotmail or Yahoo.

Second, you need to think of the safest and fastest way for you to get your money if ever you start earning. Most of the online job sites now pay you through Paypal, Payza, LibertyReserve, direct to your bank account or via check. It is best to sign up for these things so you will only have to fill out the e-mail address when asked for. Remember, most of the time, the site requires that your e-mail address be the same as the e-mail address registered on these sites.

Third, choose the jobs that will suit your time. I know some of us moms only get to sit in front of the computer at night when the children are sleeping. Some can sneak in a few minutes during the day. So it would be best to sign up for online jobs that is time flexible.

Fourth, dedication is the key. Most of the online jobs/opportunities have a minimum payout. Some of you may get discouraged after a few weeks of not receiving a dime. Be patient. Besides, you are not investing anything except for a few minutes of your time.

Fifth and the most important: Don't expect to get rich doing this things. You may get a big break some months and you may get chump change in some but you should know that the internet is as unpredictable as life. There is no assurance that you will be doing this forever. Sites close down and new sites come up. Opportunities come and go, grab them while they are hot.

Here are some of the things you could do online. I will be doing more detailed blog posts of each including the links but for now I'll give you a bird's eye view.

  • Blogging. Almost everyone is doing this nowadays. Some just for fun, some as a means of expressing themselves and some just wanted to earn online. You could set up a blog as easy as 1-2-3 and monetize it any way you want. Read my other blog for details.
  • Get paid to click. There are a lot of paid-to-click sites nowadays. The earnings are not much but if you could do ten paid-to-click sites a day, you'll see it's not so bad.
  • Get paid to read e-mails. You check your e-mail everyday so why not sign up for one of these and earn at the same time?
  • Get paid to surf. This will require you to download a search engine and use it to do what you are already doing, surfing. The plus? You get paid.
  • Get paid to answer surveys. All you have to do is answer some surveys honestly and you will get paid for every one you complete.
  • Earn by uploading your photos, videos and e-books. Yes, you could earn by posting the photos you took and the footage you filmed. You can upload your e-books as well. You will earn whenever people download or buy. Just make sure you have the rights to the photos, videos and the e-books.
  • Earn by posting ads. All you have to do is post an ad and you earn immediately. When someone clicks your ad, you'll earn some more. The possibilities are endless. Read my blog post about the site I am joining now.
  • Earn by selling your skills. There is a lot of people who need your skills. They need transcriptionists, writers, data encoders, typists, researchers, virtual assistants, website developers and a lot more! Don't let your talent go to waste.