Friday, May 31, 2013

Jaden and Play School

I enrolled Jaden today! I am one very excited mom. I wanted to see how he will be when he's around children which he will constantly see and I'm excited to see him do different things! First let me tell you about this great school we have found. I found out about Maya Playgarden and Daycare Center from a friend, I checked their Facebook page and I love the fact that they have a parent-child program. They follow the Waldorf system of education which promotes a home-like environment for children and the use of organic materials.

The school is 45 minutes away but I did not mind the travel since Jaden's schedule is only every Saturday morning. I really wanted him to be exposed to other kids and to be able to experience lots of things. Maya has a wide range of activities for kids and the school location is very perfect! Grasses and trees all around and no cars or traffic nearby.

We went there today with my husband's cousin's daughter, Jaden's second cousin Izza:)

All of the toys and furnitures are made of wood. Jaden was so fascinated with the wooden toys. Let's admit it, we mostly buy plastic toys from the mall, I'm glad he will get to see the beauty of hand made products.

It was his first time in a see-saw :)

He doesn't want to try the swing.
We had lunch after and here they are enjoying the moment!

We will start school on the 22nd of June and I'm excited. We still have to buy some things like boots for their nature walk, aprons for cooking and some little trinkets. I hope he loves school and his new friends :)