Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

The holy week is over. What did you do the whole week? Me? I chose not to go anywhere and to stay in the house. I asked my husband if he wanted to go swimming on Easter Sunday and he said yes. We chose to swim in the same resort where we used to swim when we were still dating.

It was a 45 minutes drive from our place. We planned to go early but we left the house at 9! Jaden donned his cute outfit.

Unfortunately, he threw up some of his breakfast in the car :(

It was very crowded when we got there, mostly kids because they held an Easter Egg hunt. The resort has three (3) pools. One small round pool for babies, one for children with three slides (small, medium and zigzag) and one for adults. In normal days, the place has a few tables under large umbrellas but because it is Easter Sunday they added large tables and a lot of chairs.

After changing to my own swimwear, I tried to swim with Jaden in the baby pool but he was shivering because the water is quite cold and the weather is cloudy so I decided to wait for a while. We ordered a light lunch, sandwiches and fruit shakes. Jaden had his wafer and apple juice. The sun came up and I decided to try the pool with slides because it is so much bigger. There was a program going on and I get to divert Jaden's attention. After a few minutes he was dancing with the music (Gangnam Style) along with other kids. I don't get to take a lot of pictures because my phone is not waterproof and I was carrying him the whole time.

After 30 minutes I showered him and I decided to change as well. While I was changing, they were having a little photoshoot.

We decided to buy some groceries before heading home. We paid our bills in the counter but I was pissed off by how long I've waited. I know there are a lot of customers but they should have been more considerate. It wouldn't take years to check my bill and give my change. Because it is Easter, I decided to let it pass.

The little boy zonked out in the car. We bought his favorite nuggets and fruit juices. He loves yogurt and biscuits as well. We went home after.

I love swimming but I cannot stay in the pool for hours with Jaden because he might catch a cold. We will swim more often so he'll get use to pool water temperature.

It was a good day for everyone, the Lord has risen!