Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jaden's First Swim

Baby's "firsts" are always memorable so I made sure to document his first try to swim in a pool. Jaden loves water ONLY if the temperature is right. We went to the beach many times before but the best I could do is soak his feet because he's shying away from the cold water. So I decided to take him and Daddy to the nearest community pool. I bought him a nice swimming suit so he won't get cold easily.

                                Look at him looking so cute with his new swimwear :)

The swimwear comes with a cap but he won't wear it so I did not insist so as not to break his good mood. We tried to shower him before going into the pool but he's crying because the shower is so cold for his taste! So in we go slowly, slowly, slowly until...

                                      He's starting to have some fun.

We took a break for his snacks and he's all in a good mood. Im so happy his first swimming went well :)

Look at how tired he is after the swim.

                                                            Lowbat anak?

He was a little dark after but it was worth it! This is one of his firsts that I will always remember :)