Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jurong East Swimming Complex

I love swimming and whenever I visit Singapore, I visit Jurong Swimming Complex. For me it is the best yet the cheapest pool. For $2 dollars you could swim all day and it has 6 different pools! The lazy pool, the wave pool, the whirlpool, two kiddie pools, an Olympic-style swimming pool and not to mention the scary slides. Haha! Scary for me but thrilling for everyone else. I hate heights and roller coaster rides :(

We went on a Sunday after attending mass at Gift of Love Home. Good thing we got there early because the tables are limited.

                                                              My lifeguards :)

We started swimming at around 11 and it's quite hot already. I had a hard time with the little boy, he wants to run around on his own but at 1 year and 4 months, his balance is not that good especially when the floor is wet. He slipped a couple of times, good thing I'm holding his hands though he's trying to get away!

See those little water fountains? We were sitting beside those when one of the kids stepped on it and the water diverted to Jaden. He was hit in the face so we had a 5 minutes crying session. Good thing he enjoyed the play area.

Daddy was having fun as well. He kept going back to do the slides, all three!!!

We brought our own food since the only food available is Pizza Hut or KFC. After 3 hours of swimming and eating we called it a day. While packing up, rain clouds formed and they have to sound the alarm. It was nice of them to track weather conditions to ensure the safety of everyone.

   He's so daaaaark!!!

We went home after seeing those rain clouds. The little boy was so tired he fell asleep on the train.

I would definitely recommend swimming here, cheaper and lots of things to do especially for the young ones and the young at heart :)