Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Singapore Botanic Gardens

We went for a little nature trip and I tell you: if you want to see nature, visit the Botanic Gardens. The garden is 74 hectares (we did not cover everything) and admission is free except for the National Orchid Garden. If you are planning for a visit, wear comfortable shoes and clothing since you'll be walking and bring your food unless you're willing to locate the nearest restaurant. We brought Jaden with us that day and he enjoyed running around the trees. There is not much to say, you have to see the pictures and be amazed with how God blessed us with this beautiful Earth.

The entrance

                                                           Swan Lake Gazebo

                                             Busy watching the turtles swimming

First time to see swans

                                                    Rest and some snacks


                                           The little boy is afraid to go inside the cave

                                                           Large lily pads

                                              Koreans on a group tour

 Being around so much nature is a rare experience. This is a good place to relax and meditate :) It was a long walk so...

                                  We had sandwich icecream ($1) afterwards :)