Monday, March 18, 2013

SG Day 2

And because we slept at around 4 AM, the next day we woke up late. My mom had a lunch date planned with a Sister friend. Sister Elizabeth is one of the Good Shepherd Sisters in Singapore and has been a family friend for years. I suggested sushi so we went to Thomson Plaza's Sushi Tei.

                                Sister E, Mama, Hubby, Me and Jaden :)

                                 The little boy for some reason is sooo happy!

                                   Showing off his skills with chopsticks.

We were so full we decided to take a walk after. We went to Orchard and took some pictures.

                                  The little one is scared of the statues!

                                                 Behind is the Marriott Hotel

                                                          Chasing the birds

And because my husband has to go back to work after a week, we need to go everywhere we can. We decided to go and see the Marina Bay Sands hotel at night.

This is even more beautiful in real life :)

                                      We can see the Singapore Flyer from the Float.

               We were on the other side so you have to cross this float to get to the hotel.

                           We were busy taking pictures while he was busy admiring the floor light.

We were waiting for a musical water show but the little boy is crying already so we went home and recharged our batteries.

Next up: Singapore Zoo!