Thursday, March 21, 2013

Legoland Malaysia

I wanted to bring Jaden somewhere fun and aside from Universal Studios and Escape theme park I can't think of anywhere else appropriate for his age. After our Sunday Mass, I personally requested that we have lunch at KFC, I was craving :) After purchasing $13 worth of food, I was given 2 vouchers by the cashier. The vouchers was for a 30% discount on entrance tickets for Legoland Malaysia!

I have no idea that there is a Legoland in Malaysia so I did a little research after and found out that it opened last September 2012. It is located in Nusajaya, Johor which is near the border of Malaysia to Singapore. Tickets are priced at RM 140 or around SG $56 for adults and RM 110 or SG $44 for children. We are not familiar with Malaysia and commuting is a no-no since we have Jaden with us and we brought his stroller. I searched online and found a travel agency offering Coach ride + Entrance Ticket package and we took it. The downside is we cannot use our vouchers but convenience is better :)

Mom invited two of her friends to come with us. We left early and brought extra clothes and snacks for Jaden. The coach will pick us up at the Singapore Flyer and we arrived 30 minutes ahead of schedule. They gave us our entrance tickets before boarding.

On the coach to Legoland
Including the two Immigration stops, we reached Legoland an hour after.

The place is so crowded we cannot get a crowd-free picture with the sign
Look at the queue for tickets
We had an early lunch at KFC
Before eating I used the restroom and there is quite a line and the place does not smell so good. Tissue papers are everywhere and the floor is wet. It is located outside and everyone uses it so they really need to have it cleaned every 30 minutes.
Ticket Entrance
Lego in front of the restrooms
Jaden was so scared of the toilet man
And still

We visited the Lego City first. They made legos of some of the countries in Asia.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Petronas Tower


Taj Mahal, India

We checked out some rides though we didn't get to experience any because 1. Jaden is not allowed 2. They're pretty scary 3. I'm scared

Boating is nice but the queue!!!
They have this train ride riding around so we queued up. The line is long but the train could take around 30 passengers per ride and they have two trains :)

They have 3 different playgrounds located around Legoland. Jaden had the time of his life!

Game face ON!

I brought him to one of the fountains so he could play and get wet before changing.

Then we went to the Legoland souvenir shop to buy him a Legoland shirt.

We watched the fireworks before going back to Singapore :)

It was a great day. We had fun and lots of photos. I'm really glad Jaden enjoyed it as much as we did :)