Friday, March 29, 2013

Facebook Games

Ever since I started using Facebook, I have been hooked to its games. I remember Farmville, Pet Society and Mafia Wars. Only a handful of my friends are playing and not as eager as I am. I was so desperate to level up in my games that I sent friend requests to people who plays the same games that I do.

And just like any other game, when you've reached the top the excitement starts to vanish. Then Cityville came. I stopped playing the first three, deleted the friends I invited on impulse and concentrated on this one. School was on its busiest so I decided to slow down and eventually lost my desire to continue.

Only last year, Chefville and Farmville 2 launched and because of the hype, I joined the ride. It was my only way of relaxation after a full day of taking care of my 1 year old. I loved the game but only a few of my friends played the game so I got left behind and I lost my interest all in all.

Now I found a game that could keep me up all night if not for the limited life, CANDY CRUSH SAGA!

This game is craaaaazy! A game of strategy and LOTS and LOTS of luck. I started weeks ago and now I am hooked. What's best about this game is that it has a mobile application that I can synchronize with my Facebook. I don't need to stay in front of the computer that much.

What's the catch? You could get stuck in a certain level for days and in my case, I'm on my first week with my current level, 79. I swear it looks so easy but it seems luck is avoiding me lately.

I try to establish some self control by not sending request for lives. I just let my 5 lives replenish on its own. But I cannot say the same with my other friends, they send me requests very often!

I hope I don't get stuck here for too long or I might quit...again.

Happy Gaming!!!