Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Singapore Science Center

I'm an engineering graduate and my husband as well, so we decided to go and visit the Singapore Science Center. I've been there once when I was in elementary and the experience was all fun, now I'm more curious :) I searched online if it's convenient to bring Jaden with us, turned out the Science Center is stroller-friendly! So off we go with our little scientist.

                                                Our building is under construction

We took the bus which is easier and one of the entrance, the Kinetic Garden, is just behind the bus stop.

They have this amazing playground where children can play and get wet under the sun.

                              I don't need to stand beside it to know how small I am.lol

We bought our tickets ($12 for adults) and Jaden is free as usual because he's under 3 years :) The Science Center is divided into exhibitions and just like the Singapore Zoo, is quite large so we needed a map. First is The Mind's Eye where everything is an illusion.

                                 I stand in front of this wood structure

                                     But in the camera it looks like I'm inside :)

                                            There goes little Einstein

Invent! It's in You! is the next exhibit.

Next is the Marine Alcove and it's all about the deep, blue sea!

                                  Believe me, we spent 10 minutes with the frog.

Lucky that on the day of our visit, a temporary exhibit Candy Unwrapped is already open. It was the one we enjoyed the most.

At the exhibit's entrance we were given 2 sour candies. Good thing I did not open it as soon as she gave it to me,lol.

I was so game to try this one out! I've had sour candies before and I was not expecting it to be MORE sour.

                                 The sourness made me teary-eyed

                                   He's trying not to give in. haha!

                       No, we did not let him taste the sour candy. He's just sleepy :)

                        But he forgot his sleepiness when he saw this little playground

Here are some other pictures from random exhibits:

                                               My husband tried this one

We had snacks at McDonald's after and Jaden had his vanilla cone.

I would love to bring him back there when he's a little older, my baby einstein :)