Monday, March 18, 2013

Trip to Singapore 2013

Cebu Pacific opened its direct flight from Iloilo to Singapore last November 2012 which is good news for me. Yey! After getting pregnant and having my baby boy, I haven't been back to Singapore to visit my mom because I don't think I'll be able to handle connecting flights. My mom was not able to attend my baby's christening so she haven't met him yet. We couldn't resist the promo so late November we booked a ticket!

                     Me with my husband and my baby waiting for our flight to Singapore.

                               He was so amazed to see a real plane for the first time!

Our flight was 10:40 PM which suits me well since my baby slept all through out the flight. This is his first plane ride so I'm not sure if he'll be able to handle the pressure. We arrived at the Iloilo International Airport at around 8 PM. Immigration was a breeze since ours is the only flight that night and we ended up having an hour to kill before boarding

                                        Daddy's first out of the country vacation :)

Cebu Pacific used to land at Changi Airport's Budget Terminal but it was and still is under renovation. We were lucky to experience Terminal 2.

                                       Changi International Airport, Terminal 2

Immigration took us a while because there are flights from Manila as well. Around 2 AM, we were able to exit the airport, meet my mom, ride a taxi, go home and have a good night's rest! (I wasn't able to take pictures after this, so tired and our baggage is quite heavy from all the pasalubong for Mama)

Will post more of our SG trip!!!