Monday, March 25, 2013

Summer Heat

Summer is here in the Philippines! You know it's summer when you can't wear something longer than a shorts or you'll be sweating all over. It is this time of the year when electric bills are rocketing! Electric fans are no longer enough to beat the heat, air conditioning are turned on almost all day and night. AND babies are fussier this time of the year.

My little boy could not sleep if the A/C is turned off. I have to wipe him off with a wet towel, powder his back and change his clothes so he could sleep better.

Not only babies are fussier but the adults as well! You don't feel like moving and cleaning when you're sticky and sweaty all over.

Here are some tips to beat the summer heat:

Drinks LOTS of water to keep you hydrated.

Wear loose clothing. Bright colors will make you feel cooler.
Use a sun hat when going out to provide some shade to your face.

Take cool baths and showers.

Don't forget to apply sunscreens if you are going out for a walk.

If you're the beach type, it's the best time to get that sun-kissed skin. Remember, spending too much time under the sun is also bad. Some negative effects are heat exhaustion, heat stroke and sunburn.

Be sun-kissed, be safe :)

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