Thursday, March 28, 2013

Inside the Bag

My problem whenever we go out (me, hubby and Jaden) is how big a mess is the inside of my bag! My husband is always giving me "the killer looks" whenever I ask him to get me a wet wipes or something and he wiggles his hand inside and he can't find it. Sometimes it's because my bag is messy but sometimes he's just too lazy ;)

So after getting tired of rearranging my bag for the Nth time, I started to use these pouches.

These are very handy and occupies a small space in my bag.

I put my make up in one of these and loose items like hair clips on the other one. If you're curious as to what make up I use, don't be disappointed, I'm a late bloomer. Give me the basic and that will do. I just can't live without my lip balm and a lipstick for a little color.

For the complete list and details, read my next post.
I also bought this cute wallet/pouch where I can put my money, cards, coins and also my mobile phone. TADA!

I bought this on an online shop in Facebook

Now the extra diaper, wet wipes, extra T-shirt and towels are folded under. It made a lot of difference, well, at least to me. My husband still can't find anything I ask him too which proves me right, he's kinda lazy :)