Monday, April 1, 2013

Crazy Cute!

As a mom I love to take pictures of my son. Whenever I see a picture-worthy pose or randomness, I whip out my camera and take a snap. Sometimes I get it right, sometimes he runs around before I get to take my shot. Having a baby is fun and crazy. You feel so tired at the end of the day that you want to retired from being a mom but whenever I see his cute smile and peaceful face while sleeping, I know I am doing something right.

After his night bath
We have this battle going on whenever I change him after his shower. I can't put on his diaper right because he was running around the room or he was wrestling with his stuffed toys. He loves them all you see.

He really loves drawing

After putting on his shirt, I can't put on his pants because he was posing like this while drawing. I can't resist but take a picture because he was concentrating so hard. I love the fact that he loves drawing though he is more like scribbling all over the screen. Maybe he will get his Tito Jaylord's (my younger brother) talent in drawing because stick figures are the extent of my talent. I bought that magic sketcher few weeks ago. I was letting him use crayons and papers at first but boy, the walls and tables are messy after. I had a hard time getting off the stain. This sketcher is better and he get to scribble over and over again.

Reading with Daddy
Aside from drawing, he loves reading. He is the one who usually asks us to read to him. Most of his books are just picture books and I'm proud that he knows almost all of the things in there now. He gets confused with the animals and fruits but I know he will slowly learn. He can speak 3-syllable words now and he understands when I ask him a question. I love communicating with this little guy.

It's a wonderful feeling watching him learn things so that someday, he will have something with him to carry on in this BIG, BIG world.