Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Apps: "Needs"

In this era where everything has an app that can be downloaded, there are those I consider as my "needs". I guess games will fall under my "wants" since I can go on using my phone without those. There are thousands of apps available on Play Store and I'm really thankful for all the developers who designed and made those apps available for download for free. I can understand those who requires payment, everyone needs to make a living and what they are doing requires great skills that are worthy to be paid.

One more thing: I don't hate ads on apps, I hate pop up ads! As in, REALLY? Those are annoying. And takes space as well :(

For those developers of the apps I will post here, Merci!

Handcent SMS 

Who wants to use the boring built-in messaging application? Well, not me. Handcent SMS is very nice because you can customize everything from the theme, the fonts, the text size, security. I mean everything! The Handcent Services lets you make an account and you have access to every theme online, you can back up your messages and it has a privacy box. Cool, right?


While Handcent SMS is the best in offline messaging, Viber is the king for me when it comes to free online call and text. I know how people consume so much just by calling and texting everyday so I guess this app is brilliant. You just need a stable data access or Wi-fi and you are good to go! The downside? What you see is what you get. You can't customize anything, not even the ringtones but something that is free, it's perfect and it does the job.


I love to jot down things on the go. I used to carry a pen and a small notebook but technology won me over and it is way easier to write even riding on a car or walking. I always forget things that I wanted to buy so I need a checklist all the time, ame with my groceries. ColorNote is simple and easy to use. You can put an alarm so you won't forget anything. AND it occupies such small space. Handy!

Adao File Manager

The app is as simple as its icon. I love that I can see all my files and I can delete and organize them. Sometimes I forgot where I copied a certain file and the search option is a life saver. You can see how much space is left and consumed both on your phone and your SD card. You can even uninstall apps through Adao. Thumbs up for making things simple :)

 Clean Master

Who loves downloading and trying out apps as much as I do? Then this thing is for you. If your hand phone is full of apps and you can't keep track of the space it consumed then download Clean Master right away. What it does is it cleans up your phone from unnecessary apps that keeps on running on the background, it cleans your cache as well and it deletes residual files from applications you have already uninstalled. Brilliant right? It is so simple you will love it.

Color Flashlight

I use it as a flashlight that's why I need it :) Simple. (Though my little one loves the effects and colors)

Moon+ Reader

I'm a confessed bookworm. I can live without the internet but not without books and I mean good books. This reader is the best I have tried so far. Others are slow and even force closes. I can read and return to the same page. I can even download free contents via the Moon+ Reader net library. It has day/night time theme to help you read better and it reminds you every hour that your eyes need to rest. Ain't that thoughtful? All in all, I don't find any reason to find another e-book reader.

What's on your list? Comment away!