Friday, April 26, 2013

First Hero

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I remember seeing this in Facebook and I think to myself how true this statement is. I see my husband and my son and I know that it is true. I see how connected they are and how much they love each other. My husband works away from home and only get to be with Jaden for 3 days every week. The rest of the week, the little one will be shouting out Daddy! whenever he misses him.

I see them play and I see how my son adores his dad. That look of awe when he sees him doing great things that his little mind cannot comprehend. That look when he tries to copy what his daddy is doing and the big smile when he thinks he got it right. It is really important for a child to have a father figure that he can look up to. A father is an image of strength and greatness to them, a superhero comparable to Superman and Batman.

I smile whenever I see Jaden copying his dad and doing things his daddy does. He sees his dad exercise every time he is home and he is very eager to try too!

He can't lift an actual dumbbell so he's using the ab roller instead :)

And look at that pout. He's chanting HOO! HOO!
He loves the treadmill too!
I'm glad that he has someone he looks up to. I know they'll be best buddies forever :)