Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jaden's Immunization

We went to our pediatrician today for Jaden's scheduled DPT booster vaccine or the 6-in-1 which consist of:

  1. Tetanus
  2. Diphtheria
  3. Pertussis
  4. Polio
  5. Haemophilus Influenzae type B
  6. Hepatitis B combined vaccine
DPT booster is given to toddlers who are 18 months old. Jaden's three DPT vaccines were given free by the government to our local health centers. It was a relief to be saved from paying so much for vaccines for our child's first year. After he turned one, we only receive Vitamin A capsules and de-worming tablets from the health center. The rest of our immunizations are taken care of our private pediatrician. We changed our pedia by the way, the first one is always out of town and it's a hassle when you really needed advise or have your baby checked up by someone who knows his medical records well. I love our second pedia because she is really approachable. I text her and I get a reply within 5 minutes.

I know my child will create a scene today because he doesn't like injections, who does anyway? When he was still a baby, it was fine because he has no idea where he is or what the doctor is going to do to him. Now I can't even bribe him with anything. The moment we enter the clinic he knows and he cried loads! I talked to him days before the immunization and he was listening but I was not expecting anything, I know he will get a little bit scared. I made sure he sleeps before going so he'll be in a good mood. Upon entering the clinic, his eyebrows are very suspicious and when he saw his pedia, he cried instantly!!!

Every time we go see our doctor for his vaccines, she gives Jaden different kinds of toys and this time it was a horse :)

He doesn't want to be touched so he went hysteric when his doctor measured his head circumference, checked his ears and his mouth. After the check up, I calmed him down for awhile while his doctor prepares his injection. When I took off his pants he started crying again, when I put him down, he was bawling!!! It took four people to perform the injection: me, daddy, the doctor and her assistant. After, his doctor gave him a lolly and he was so silent in the car while sucking on his treat. I gave him Tempra Paracetamol for the pain.

We went to Robinsons Mall and we had our lunch at KFC. I bought a take-out fries for Jaden at Jollibee and he was so happy! After eating so much, we set out to find daddy a new shirt and we found one at Bench. The little boy loves the fitting room, actually, every fitting room he gets into. He was crawling in and out and seemed to have forgotten his 30 minutes of crying at the clinic.

We're going back for another shot on July. Wish me luck! :)