Monday, April 8, 2013

Daily Face Care

Before getting pregnant, I never had any problem with my face. A pimple or two would appear once in a blue moon and I don't even use any facial products. On my 4th month of pregnancy, I have pimples on my face, neck, chest and my back. My skin color darkened a few shades as well. They say having a baby boy brings out the worst in your skin. After giving birth, the pimple subsided but the marks are still visible. That is when I decided to try out some facial products that might help me.

So here is a list of the products I use on my face:
Garnier Skin Naturals Facial Wash
The facial wash I use is from Garnier. It's a daily energizing gel wash. It targets imperfections, awakens skin and tightens pores. It's quite mild and I love the fruity smell!

Garnier Skin Naturals Toner
For my toner, I use Garnier Aqua Defense. The good thing about this is it is designed for those who have sensitive skin. It is colorant-free, alcohol-free and fragrance-free. Good for dry skin as well.

Eversoft Moisturizer
 I use two different moisturizers and this one is for day time which is from Eversoft Clear Care. Good for oily skin and it helps lightens acne marks as well. It is really good for day time because it has UV protection.
Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream
For night time, I use Cetaphil's Moisturizing Cream which is also good for sensitive and dry skin. 

Been using these for two months now and I'm still searching for the perfect facial products for me. For now, I just have to observe and see if it will work for me over time :)