Saturday, April 20, 2013

Haircut Woes!

I woke up in a very hot Saturday morning, when I took Jaden outside I saw that it rained last night, so that's why it's effing hot. Around 8 A.M, I was giving little one a bath when the bathroom light went out. Jaden immediately shouted "Out!" meaning brownout. If you are a resident here in the good old Philippines, brownout is a common thing, sad but true. I understand that they have to do monthly maintenance but to turn off the town's power for almost 12 hours??? It was hellish.

After taking a bath, Jaden was sweating and his hair is so damp. He has very thick hair which he got from me and our last haircut was early January. Since it was Daddy's day-off we decided to go to SM City and have his hair cut. I am so not looking forward to going-to-the-barber moments. I know some of you moms could relate to this.

The first time we went to Jem's Salon for Kids, he loved everything he saw. They have this awesome cars for chair, a television with Barney on and lots of toys and stuffed toys. He was very eager to ride the car until his barber came forward to cover him with his "cape", he started crying. I only asked for a trim so the job was done fast with a scissors.

After his first haircut

The second time, I asked for a Mohawk style haircut and he cried the whole time. It was a lot harder to divert his attention, he was terrified of the electric shaver. He was hugging me and Daddy while the barber did his job well. The picture below clearly shows how depressed he was after.

After his 2nd haircut
Before we went inside the salon for his third haircut, I talked to him and I pointed out how other kids are behaving. He was very attentive and was very eager to go, I guess the toys was so attractive. He sat down and watched Barney. The trouble started when he saw the cape, I know, a child never forgets. He stand up and hugged me and dear me, he won't sit back down. I was carrying him while the barber was cutting his hair. This time he lets Jaden play with the shaver first before using it on his hair, it worked! I was carrying him and this time he was enjoying the shaver. His Daddy was busy entertaining him with stuffed toys (Pooh, Barney and McQueen). After the haircut, he cried out loud when he heard the hair dryer. Gosh! It took me minutes to hush him down. Hair was all over the two of us and he won't let the brush near him so I just wipe him down slowly.

After his 3rd haircut
The good thing about kids is that they don't hold grudges. After changing his clothes, he went out the salon and run around the mall. We rode the carousel which he loves so MUCH!

After the carousel, we ate at McDonald's and he had his favorite meal: Cheeseburger, french fries and pineapple juice. Look at how happy he is!

I know some children deals with haircut in a much braver way but I don't mind hugging him while he is still getting used to it. Maybe on our next haircut or the one after the next, he'll be able to sit down on his own. I guess that's why we're here, the parents, to give a reassuring hug when their little hearts are afraid of scissors and shavers :)

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