Saturday, April 13, 2013

PSY is Back!

After 9 months of being up in Youtube, Psy's Gangnam Style hit song has reached more than 1.5 billion views. The hit song Gangnam hits the world by storm last year. Every country despite the age dances the phenomenal Gangnam Style moves. My little one is a big fan of Gangnam Style until now, he never gets tired of watching the music video and dancing every time he hears the song.

Two months ago I heard "Harlem Shake" on Showtime, a noon time show, and my little one was dancing with the hosts. I searched the song through Youtube and saw one comment "R.I.P Gangnam Style". It got me thinking, will Psy's next hit song going to pass the 1.5 billion views in Youtube? Or was it a one time hit?

I was browsing in Youtube when I saw that Psy has released his new catchy song "Gentleman". I have to be honest, after listening to it, there was no spark. It was nowhere near Gangnam Style. It's not even the fact that I can't understand Korean, it's because the song did not made me sway.

It might get to me after hearing it on the radio, on tv and online a hundred times. Here's the audio if you want to check it out:

What do you think?

UPDATE! The official music video was posted yesterday 13/4/2013