Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hunt for Mosquito Repellent

My child is one of those unfortunate enough to have a very sensitive skin and I'm sad to say that he got it from me. He is very prone to mosquito bites, like me as well! And what's worst is after the mosquito bites, the bite slowly becomes a bump and it reddens and itches more. It takes 2-3 days for the bite to heal leaving an irritating black spot that won't go away for months.

I have tried every cream and home remedies but only time can erase the black spots. So every time I go shopping, I always look for new things to try that might help me prevent mosquito bites. I bought this little mean device that produces high-frequency sound which wards off mosquitoes.

I put this at my son's back so he won't be able to reach and eat it. The problem is he would suddenly lie down and crush the device under causing it to stop working. I fix it up and it happens again and again. Aside from that, I can still see bite marks after a few weeks so I stopped making it work.

When he was a year old I started using Off Lotion for Kids. I just don't like the fact that I have to reapply at least every 3 hours. Sometimes we forgot to reapply and there goes another bite.

While on vacation in Singapore, I saw this Anti-Mosquito Wet Tissue from Pigeon.

It is DEET free and could last for 6 hours. The only problem is it quite packed of chemicals.

Last month, I was in Watson's buying Jaden's toothpaste and a new toothbrush because he loves nibbling on his old one when I saw this product. I was browsing when I saw this MoskiShield mosquito repellent patch. For something so affordable, I am willing to try it out.

One box has 24 stickers and is 150PHP only. There are 6 different cute designs which your child will surely love. One sticker can last up to 24 hours! Except from the strong lemony smell which is not a "bad smell", I prefer this over other mosquito repellent because it is 100% Natural. Another good news, it is DEET free! Read about the side effects of DEET HERE. You just have to stick it somewhere the child can't reach it like the back of his shirt or pants and never to exposed skin.

So far after 23 days, I can say that it has proven that it is indeed effective. I'm down to my last one today and I already bought another box.

Now we can enjoy a mosquito free day!