Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Face Mask

I am not very fond of spa facial because mainly I'm afraid of pricking. I know it sounds petty. And I don't want to spend an hour lying down and crying because of the pain. To compensate, I find face masks whenever I pass by Watsons. They have really affordable ones and I have a lot of options to choose from :) Last Saturday, I was buying my multivitamins when I saw that they have an offer for Beauty Buffet masks. Buy 2 face masks, take home 1 more. I know it's a good deal so I took 3 different kinds.

Yesterday I tried the Red Grapes Moisturising Facial Mask and I feel real good after. My skin is not so picky when it comes to mask so I'm happy that I could try every variant there is. I put mask because I feel relaxed and fresh after, I don't really go for the result because I don't apply everyday. After a day of taking care of Jaden and cleaning up after him, it's like a therapy to me.

This will be on my to-do list tonight after having my after dinner snacks :)

I'm not really into whitening products but it was one of the only three options I have so might as well try every one. Beauty Buffet facial masks are Made in Taiwan. The packaging is really cute and regular price is 44 Philippine Peso each or around a dollar. Very cheap, very cute and really relaxing too!